Special Gift
for Baisakhi:

We have made available the entire contents of this famous Baisakhi website established on the Tercentenary, www.Baisakhi1999.org as a beautifully designed book titled - “Eternal Glory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and The Khalsa”.

The Book authored by Brig. Partap Singh Ji Jaspal (Retd.) features a rare painting of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in the Battlefield in full color on its cover.

Send this book as a memorable pious gift to your near and dear ones on this Baisakhi.

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to US / Canada / Europe

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To get any more details about the Book, please don't hesitate in writing to [email protected]
Baisakhi Card 1
card 8 (video, new!)
(multimedia card, includes video, audio)
Tribute to Humility Incarnate,
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
“Das Jan Kar Kirpa Karo Mohe.”
Baisakhi Card 2
card 3
(flash animation card)
We have to offer our head at His Holy Feet,
at the altar of the flashing Bhagauti in His Holy Hand. Thereafter, with headless (egoless) existence, having died while living, be blessed with Nectar of Immortality (Amrit) from the Holy Hands of our Beloved Guru Gobind Singh.
card 5
(post card)
It was on this historic day that this Greatest
of the Nation Builders had transformed a
whole nation into lovers of death en masse.

Baisakhi Greeting Cards:
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Sending these Greeting Cards to
your Entire Circle of Acquaintances.
They have been specially prepared
to capture the Important Message
of the Historic Day of Baisakhi.

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Baisakhi Card 1
card 7 (video, new!)
(multimedia card, includes video, audio)
Special Video Depiction of Baisakhi.
“Tusa Taa Ek Ek Sar Ditta Hai,   
    Main Sara Parivaar Deyaanga.”
Baisakhi Card 1
card 1 pop
(flash animation card, includes audio)
His many-sided personality manifests
supremacy and perfection of Divinity
in human form. Tribute to
Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.
card 2 pop
(flash animation card)
This most auspicious day reminds us of the flashing and bleeding sword in the hand of our Lord Guru Gobind Singh asking for another head. This in itself is indicative of a total surrender as the first and the foremost essential prerequisite for earning and attaining His Grace Eternal.
Baisakhi Card 2
card 9 (new!)
(flash animation card)
Another Tribute to our
Beloved Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
card 4
(flash animation card)
From His divine and radiant personality and face flowed like rain, this Nectar of Prema and sacrifice and drenched and soaked everyone in this Nectar.
Baisakhi Card 6
card 6
(flash animation card)
Wishing you all a Very Happy Vaisakhi.
May you always be attached to
the Lotus Feet of Your Satguru.

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