A Humility incarnate
Guru Gobind Singh Ji
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 Jay Hum Ko Parmesar Uchar Hai
Tay Sabh Narak Kund Mah Par Hai
Mo Ko Daas Tavan Kaa Jaano
Yaa Mai Bhed Na Runch Pachhaano
Mai Ho Param Purkh Ko Daasa
Dekhan Aayo Jagat Tamaasa
Jo Prabh Jagat Kahaa so Kahiho
Mirta lok tay mon na rahiho
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
in Bachitar Natak
“ Those who address me as God
Shall fall into the pit of hell.
Treat me as a servant of the Lord
And entertain no doubt about it.
I am only a slave of the Lord. I have
only come to witness the Lord's play (Lila).
I tell the world what my God told me then;
I shall not keep silent on account of the fear of mere mortals.”

With characteristic humility of the House of Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh Ji did not arrogate to Himself God-hood but only claimed Himself to be a humble servant of God. He bodied forth with a holy mission entrusted to Him by the Divine and attributed all His accomplishments to the Divine Grace and the Khalsa.

 Inhi Ki Kirpa Kay Sajay Hum Hai
Nahi Mo So Gareeb Kror Paray
Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.
“It is due to their (Khalsa's) Grace that I have attained this glorious position. Otherwise there are crores of mortals like me.”

It was a Grand Miracle of Divine Power. It was the Most Blessed Congregation of ‘An Age’.

 Surcharged with the Love-Force of Gobind Prema a true Sikh can turn hell into heaven. If a true devotee of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib happens to pass by Narak (hell), his holy vicinity will shake the Narak from its very roots and convert and transform it into heaven. His nearby holy presence will deliver all the condemned ones. Such is the Glory of Gobind Prema. Such true lovers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji purify and sanctify the earth. Such is the Glory of God-like faith in Guru Gobind Singh Sahib
Baba Narinder Singh Ji

Having offered His all at the Altar of the Divine, in a most touching last oblation, Guru Gobind Singh Ji pays His last and unique homage to Sri Guru Granth Sahib with a Thunder of Eternity.

 Sab Sikhon Ko Hukam Hai
Guru Manio Granth
Guru Granth Ji Manyio
Pargat Guraan Ki Deh.

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