Eternal Glory of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and The Khalsa baisakhi 1999
Historic day of Baisakhi
Historic day of Baisakhi

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The Historic Day of Baisakhi
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Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in the BattleField
Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in the BattleField
Guru Gobind Singh Sahib in the BattleField

Omy Beloved Guru Nanak, The Great  Jagat Guru, The Enlightener of the World, Thou assumed a luminous form of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as the Tenth Master. At the very outset I beg Thy forgiveness as I venture to express Thyself being fully aware that Thou are truely inexpressible. A frail and inconsequent mortal like me is totally unfit to envision Thy Eternal Glory. Any exercise, however, perfect, powerful and pure it may be, becomes imperfect, powerless and futile when undertaken in describing Thee. With this humble prayer, I seek your Mercy and Grace in proceeding further. I dedicate this humble attempt to the overflowing Grace of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj at whose Lotus Feet I tasted  the Bliss of the Eternal Glory of the House of Guru Nanak and to my own worshipful father Baba Narinder Singh Ji who adored and worshipped his Beloved Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib as ‘THE LIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE’. He used to visit Anandpur Sahib every year and used to arrange the performance of an Akhand Path there in honour of his Beloved Sat Guru. With folded hands and tears streaming down his cheeks, he used to make a yearning appeal to Singh Sahib. 
Aap Sahib Dey Hazooriey Ho 
Main Sahib Da kutta Haan Ji 
Mehar Karo, Es Kuttey Di Hazari 
Meray Sahib, Meray Malak Dey Charna Vich Lagwa Deo Ji

You are highly privileged to be in the direct and blessed service of my Beloved Lord and I happen to be His humble dog. Be gracious and kind enough to get the presence of this humble dog marked at the Holy Feet of my Lord.

And consequently Singh Sahib used to pray from the depths of his heart. Inspired utterances of my own father Baba Narinder Singh Ji prompt me to write this book and in the process pay a humble tribute at my Lord's Lotus Feet.

Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal (Retd.),
203, Sector 33A,

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‘Entrance to the holy mansion of the  beloved Lord Guru Nanak is only open to
 those who love death and who pride in
 turning as the dust of everybody's feet.’

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The Order of the Khalsa
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Deliverance from Mighty Clutches of Maya
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Glorious and Proud Heritage
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Sri Guru Granth Sahib - The Eternal Guru

The Divine Call
It was a Divine Thunder of a Divine Master with a Divine Mission

Five humble Divine Hearts grasped the Divine Essence of the Divine Message.

They successively rose, offered themselves to the Divine Bhagauti in the Divine Hand of the Divine Guru.

They underwent a Divine Death Experience at the Divine Hands and became the Divine Beloveds of the Divine Guru.

They drank the Divine Nectar from the Divine Guru and got perpetually drunk with Divine Intoxication.

It was first time in history that Divinity had been conferred on Five Divine Hearts in one Divine Stroke.

In totally surcharged Divine atmosphere, successive human waves drank Divine Nectar and stood transformed as Divine Lovers.

It was a Divine Call of a Divine Prophet with matchless Divine Wonder and Divine Effect.
It was the Greatest Divine Miracle of an ‘Age’.

As stated in His own Autobiography ‘Bachitar Natak’, He had incarnated to witness the World-Play (Jagat Tamasha), yet more wondrous and marvellous was His own Divine-Play and Divine-Lila.

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